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    Filtering on Table Calculation-derived Calculated Fields?

    Nathan Jones

      Hi all,


      I've got a scatterplot, and what my client wants is a drill-down tableau action into each of the 4 quadrants, so they can see high performers and low-performers at a quick glance.


      Easy, right?  Create the action, Unfortunately, my scatterplot is composed on one side of a table calculation, and on the other an aggregate function which I used to derive the quadrants (see attached workbook). 


      I've seen many people on the internet asking about filtering on table calculations, and it appears it's not possible.  What I'm looking for is to be able to click on a point in the quadrant, and produce a table that has every member of that point's quadrant represented.  Essentially, mimic the 'filter on' capability, which is apparently not possible for table calculations.


      My question is -- is there any workaround so that I can maybe a calculated field that's NOT a table calculation that I can then filter on?  Or any way to make "Quadrant Calc' into a filterable dimension in the attached .twbx?