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    Authentication Type in Tableau schema

    Sergey Feduleyev

      I have spent half a day trying to answer this question with no results. We have a SQL Server with Kerberos authentication. When we create a data source with Windows Authentication we get 3 authentication options at publish time (Tableau 9.2):

      1. Server Run As account
      2. Impersonate via Server Run as account
      3. Viewer Credentials


      We are trying to establish some control after authentication options. But nowhere on the server, nor in the internal schema (Postgres database) can we find any indication of which option had been used when the report was published. The results are clearly different (option 1 lets anyone see the report while option 3 limits it to people with database access) but in the Tableau schema workbooks, data connections, etc. all look identical no matter which authentication option we choose at publishing.