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    Selecting the latest filing

    Doug Stanley

      I've read a lot of posts and blogs and haven't quite been able to solve my problem:


      • I have a data set with 45,000 rows.
      • For each entity, there should only be one date recording when a particular report was filed.
      • Because of dirty data, however, a relatively small number of entities show multiple filing dates.
      • Here's a snippet:



      My need: tell Tableau to select only the most recent date for any given entity. I need this calculation to work regardless of level of detail.


      I'm able to filter out the unwanted older dates -- but only in limited circumstances -- using this calculation on the filter shelf: Last()=1


      Surely there has to be a calculation that will pick the most recent date for each entity, regardless of the level of detail in the pane. Grateful to anyone who can help me out.


      Workbook attached.