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    Conditional Color Formatting Using Parameter

    Sherzodbek Ibragimov


      I have been struggling with customized formatting on the top of what conditional formatting does. To achieve i have to go to color edit and change End numbers to lower numbers so it will highlight based on manual input as a new max number. My original  numbers are between 1 - 1800. This is how it looks like before I want to change max number to 100


      But, I am trying to use parameter where users will input their 'End' number (in our case 100) to override max number for color formatting purposes.

      Any help how I can achieve that? Thank you so much.

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          Jonathan Drummey



          Since we can't manipulate the Start/End of the color ramp directly with a parameter what we need to do is go one step upstream and change the *measure* that is used for Color such that instead of it's top end being the max value in the data it's the top end parameter. So the original measure will still be used on the Text shelf and the new measure will be used on the Color shelf.


          Here's a view built using CoffeeChain sample data:


          Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 12.50.17 PM.png


          And here's the Color measure:


          IF [Use Top End Parameter] THEN

              MIN(SUM([Sales]), [Top End of Sales for Color])





          This is using the feature of the MIN() function that will return the lower of two given values.


          I've attached a v9.2 workbook.



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