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    Google analytics dare range refresh

    Candy Ip

      I’ve encountered a problem when using tableau


      1. 1.       I linked the server to Google analytics
      2. 2.       I set the data source date range as “Last 30 days”. i.e. today is 6 Sep, date range is 7 Aug – 5 Sep
      3. 3.       I set data extraction time on everyday 4 am
      4. 4.       In next day (7 Sep), the date range is still 7 Aug – 5 Sep, which cannot be refreshed automatically as 8 Aug – 6 Sep


      Please let me know how to solve it, thanks.

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          Hello Candy Ip,


          The incremental refresh of the extract is only available when the Fixed Start option is selected.



          'Fixed Start' should be used instead of 'Fixed Range'. The distinction is that we are allowing the end date to stay open for updates with the 'Fixed Start' option.

          The end date does look as though it is set in stone and this is a bit misleading. Although it cannot be changed, the end date is not actually fixed when 'Fixed Start' is used.

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