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    Identify No sales and highlight them

    Udit Mahajan


      I have attached a jpeg file. I have year(invoice date) field in the column showing the total sales for each year and the lifetime total sales for each customer. I have selected top 300 customers. Now, I want to find out with the help of a filter, how many customers have "No Sales" in the year 2016.

      In the image, I can see 3 customers that have no sales in 2016. So, I would want to show "No Sales in 2016" again those entries as a separate field. I want to do this to know how many customers have no sales in 2016 despite them making into top 300 list.

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          Stephen Rizzo

          This is a bit trickier than it looks because I assume you want this indicator to be displayed along with your other dimensions on the left. Here is a starting point - try creating the calculated field [CY2016]:


          IF [Year] = 2016 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END


          Then use SUM([CY2016]) in a FIXED LOD expression (this might require Tableau 10) with the appropriate dimensions. That should get you 1s if there were sales in 2016, 0s otherwise.

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