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    Calendar View

    Randy Allan

      I have a spreadsheet with a list of dates there is maintenance occurring for my application. Maintenance doesn't happen every day, so I am trying to create a calendar view in Tableau that highlights the dates where this is occurring.


      This view is only showing me the days that there is data for. How do I show all days of the month regardless if anything is occurring or not?



      For Trial & Error purposes, I created another spreadsheet that actually contains all dates for the year and am able to create the same view, but because there's data for each day, all days are obviously showing up. Not sure what I am doing wrong or maybe I am going about this the wrong way?



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          Joe Oppelt

          (Note to self:  V9.3 workbook)


          You have to have the data there to display something.  When there is missing data, tableau will just display nothing.


          In the attached I used the full calendar data source as a scaffold to force something on every calendar block.  I made that the primary data source, and then I blended the actual data file to it, and for the sake of demonstration purposes displayed the [Application] value on the days where data existed.

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            Randy Allan

            Thanks for the help.


            Another question, when modify my relative filter and pick the last 3 months, is there a way to line these up? Because each week is listed, they line up with that week.



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              Joe Oppelt

              That's going to take some investigation.


              You can see why it's doing what it's doing.  Week numbers keep incrementing.


              Off the top of my head, you might want to google up some papers on "Panel Charts".


              I need to think on this one.  Maybe we can do something to reset week number values back to a constant number each month and increment them week over week.  then the calendar pages can line up for you.

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                Joe Oppelt

                OK.  I have something.


                I don't know if it's a hack or an elegant solution, but it's something.


                In the attached on Sheet 3 I added a calc to show the week number.  It's on the column header so you can see what's happening in there.


                Sheet 4 is a dup of sheet 3, only I added more stuff.  I have a table calc that tells me what's the initial week number on day 1 of the month.  ([first week for this month].)  It displays on the calendar each day.  I had to do particular table calc settings to get it to walk through the month and restart each month.  I also created a table calc ([Week in month]) to count which week we're on in that particular month.  This way we have weeks starting at 1 and going as high as needed for that month.  I also had to set the table calc addressing so that it restarted each month.  Then I moved [Week in month] to rows, and dragged Week(Date) off the rows shelf and down into the data shelf.  (I still need that pill on the sheet somewhere to make the other table calcs operate properly.)  Now instead of rows obeying WEEK(Date), it obeys [Week in month], which always runs from 1-n.


                Sheet 5 is a dup of sheet 4 except I took the table calcs out of the text display and just left them on the data shelf, and I tuned off "Display header" for  [Week in month] .