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    "tabcmd get" not printing landscape for multi-datasource dashboard

    Stephen Wagner


      I am having issues exporting in landscape using "tabcmd get" with a dashboard using multiple data sources.


      We are using the "tabcmd get" command with a filter and looping through the values in the filter to export a dashboard 50+ times.  The dashboard is a compilation of 3 sheets of data.  Because the filter is only supposed to work on two of the sheets, I needed to create a second data source to work on the 3rd tab.  My understanding (and our testing) found that "tabcmd get" ties the filter to all sheets within the data source the filter belongs.


      Iniitially, when I was using one data source, the "tabcmd get" pdf export was landscape (which is how I have the dashboard set up).  However, once I added the 2nd data source to the view, the pdf file is now portrait.  When I do the export through tableau server, it exports fine (landscape).  But using the "tabcmd get" it is portrait.  Are there any commands that can be used to force it?  I've seen "--pagelayout landscape", but that seems to only work for "tabcmd export".  There is something with the way we are running the process that didn't allow tabcmd export to work and needed to use tabcmd get.


      Here is the command we are currently using:

      tabcmd get /views/Report_Final/MonthlyDashboard.pdf?CompanyID=$($Row[0]) -f E:\Reports\$($Row[0])_MonthlyDashboard.pdf --no-certcheck


      $Row[0] is what we use for the loop of the 50+ company ids.


      Thanks for any suggestions,