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    Tableau Map Server is not loading when Published in Server.

    Deepika Kumaraguru

      I am working on making maps in Tableau Desktop 9.3 .I have used Two Sheets of Map Visualization.One is with Offine Background Map,and other with Tableau Background Map.

      When I publish it onto the server.Offline Map is working fine ,gets displayed. But I have a problem with Tableau Background Map, it does not get displayed.Maps are not loaded.I have referred these links Web Proxy and Firewall Settings | Tableau Software ,Displaying Maps in Tableau Server | Tableau Software  . But couldnt resolve yet. I couldnt open these licensing.tableausoftware.com:443,crl.thawte.com and ocsp.thawte.com links in desktop and server as well.


      Please Help me out with this I am a learner.