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    Line & Column charts showing decreasing values over time

    Nick Warrillow

      Hi, I'm struggling to do something that I’m sure must be simple (using Tableau Desktop v9.2)! One's a line chart question, one’s a stacked column question (based on the same data).


      I have a list of items, each of which have an “expiration date”. First requirement is to draw a line chart which shows the decreasing number of items over time. I am typically asked to show position at the end of future years, but it would be useful to be able to show end of month, end of quarter, etc. So if I have 1000 today, line chart needs to show how many I will have by end 2016, end 2017 etc, based on “expiration date”.


      Second requirement is kind of the same, but extends a little. Same 1000 items, each has an attribute with a number of values. Let’s call it “Color”, with values Red, Blue and Yellow. What I want to show is a stacked column per period (as above), showing the number of Reds, the number of Blues and the number of Yellows stacked in a column, for each period from now to end date. Number in each category per period will decrease as governed by Expiration Date.


      I have a clunky method to generate what I need, but I’m sure there must a be a slick way to do this in Tableau – I just don’t know it yet! Any advice will be much appreciated!