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    Lookup a value from 2 tables (datetime)




      I've two data as below. How to map "Loc No [Data 2]" with "Loc No [Data 1]"?

      I used vlookup in excel. How to do that in Tableau?







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          Stoyko Kostov

          Hi Lee,


          I'm afraid you are using a feature of Excel that is not easily supported in Tableau: approximate match. This is what the last parameter of the VLOOKUP function (1) means.


          If you look at Loc No 1001146 for example, you'll see time of 6:49 in Table 1, and 6:54/6:55 (two entries) in Table 2.


          Are you sure this is the outcome you want?


          If you were looking for an exact match, Tableau would have been able to join the 2 tables automatically. Now, if you go to the Data Source tab in your workbook, you'll see that Tableau wasn't able to find columns it can join on.


          Let me know if you have more questions, I'll try to help.