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    Shape Marks with Labels: Possible to Wrap Text Column Without Labels Overlapping?

    Kim Barbato

      Hi, all!

      I'm a relatively new Tableau user and have searched the forums and web for answers to this but just can't figure out a simple workaround.


      I need to create a text table with labeled shapes in a confined space using a legible font size.  The issue is that I have more items in a column than will fit in the required height limit so I'd like the list to just wrap around if possible without losing the label.  If I select "Allow Labels to Overlap" it's a mess and if I deselect that option the labels are gone.  Edited to add:  an output of the Tableau file is to export an image of the dashboard for static presentation in a .ppt slide


      This may not be possible without creating additional columns (i.e., "substages" under "stage") to make it all fit with the labels, but this would a huge report run weekly off another data source so not ideal.


      Attached is a simple twbx file for reference.  Note that the actual labels are 5 to 20 characters in length.


      Thank you in advance for any advice you have!