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    Connection to Oracle only through Tableau Server

    Arnaldo Caivano

      Hello, I am brand new in Tableau.


      My company has an Oracle database underlying an internet web application, installed outside the corporate Windows network

      Some colleagues can access this database (e.g. with SQL developer) from within the corporate Windows network thank to individual (or range) enabling of their IP addresses.



      I would like to know if tableau developers with their desktop installations can work with that Oracle database just by enabling the IP address of the Tableau server, and NOT by enabling all the IP addresses of individual colleagues


      In other words, I wonder if the visibility Tableau-Server <-> Oracle-Server is a sufficient and efficient way to enable all tableau desktop users to get Oracle data through the Tableau server.


      thanks for clarifying

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          sunaina sarah

          Hi Arnaldo,


          You can access Oracle server from Tableau Desktop.

          For that you have to give the Oracle server IP address and your username and password.


          That is, if the Oracle server admin makes you an authenticated user, you will be given a username and password. Then you can connect to Oracle server by entering the needed credentials. Later you can work with only those database objects to which you are given permissions by the admin. You can access the tables you are permitted and work with them in Tableau.


          You don't have to enable all the IP addresses of individual  colleagues.



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            Arnaldo Caivano

            Thanks Sarah,


            I need to explain better the context:


            the Oracle server at stake allows the access only to a list of IP address (or ranges). This is the given firewall configuration and that is it.

            So, who wants to access this Oracle database needs the Oracle credentials AND to be added in the list of enabled IP address .


            Not knowing Tableau,  my question is : can be sufficient to give such IP (and Oracle) access to the Tableau server, or is it necessary that each desktop client has it?