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    More Detailed Dates for Gantt Charts

    Ivan Ivanov

      Hi All,


      Thank you for the help in advance - this is my first post ever, so please excuse any newb-ness that follows.


      Here is the issue: the attached Gantt chart shows the duration of projects. It's a dual axis graph, with the project start date (exact continuous date) and project due dates (also exact date).


      Because the projects last for multiple years, no matter what I tried, I couldn't get the x-axis to show months, or anything more detailed than the year to be exact.


      Ideally, I would like to have a horizontal scroll-bar that would allow you to display every month of every year without having to narrowly pack everything in just the default fixed width. When I am displaying only 1 year, the marks on the x-axis change from years to months but my goal is to display all the months in every year and actually have enough space to display the name of the month and year, such as 'July 2015'.


      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you very much!


      Ivan V.

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          Jennifer Lynch



          What do you mean by exact date? You can choose the day, month, and year in the date drop down. In your workbook Exact date is selected, but why can you not use the dates above that?



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            Ivan Ivanov

            Hi Jennifer,


            Thanks for the reply.


            By exact date, I mean I had checked off Exact Date from the drop-down:


            As you can see, even if I select Month, the x-axis continues to display years. I would like to display months (and years). I know how to format a date, but I don't know how to make Tableau display the months of the years in this specific scenario (dual axis Gantt chart with continuous dates) That would also require more space in order to be able to display all of them, and I am OK with having to scroll to the right.

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              Jennifer Lynch

              I am going to give you some documentation just for the dates feature of Tableau.


              You can go through them and decide which one fits your needs best. I was thinking that the Date Values or Not Continuous Dates are what you are looking for. The Exact date looks like the data has to have the format that you want to show the way you want to show it before it gets into Tableau.


              Dates in Tableau make me want to tear my hair out! | VizPainter



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                Ivan Ivanov

                Yeah, I mean I searched online before posting (and I knew about that link). If you are willing to show me how this information can be applied to my case, I would be super grateful.


                Please post the Tableau workbook I've attached if you feel like you have figured out the solution.


                Thank you,



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                  Andrew Connolly

                  Hi Ivan,


                  Above the rows shelf, in the top-center of your screen, there is a drop-down menu--your's probably says 'Entire View'. Change it to 'Standard' and then press CTRL + Right until the viz is as wide as you want it to be.


                  In order to change the markings on the axis--right click on the axis at the bottom  of the viz, and select 'Edit Axis'. On the 'Tick Marks' tab set the major ticks to appear every month. Hit OK


                  Right click again on the axis, and go to 'Format' On the left hand side of your screen, from the 'Dates' drop-down you can specify exactly how the date should appear on the axis (pick a preset format or select 'Custom' from the bottom of the drop-down and enter your format, e.g. mmm 'YY to get Sept '16). After this, you may need to use CTRL + Right again to make the viz even wider, if you want every month  label to appear.


                  Hope this helps.

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                    Ivan Ivanov

                    That's it - thank you so much Andrew - that was great. I was missing the CTRL+ left/right - thank you for pointing that out.


                    Appreciate you spending the time to help me.


                    Take care!