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    New Dimension which is a total and a subset

    Ryan Shirley

      I have a large workbook connected to a SQL datasource. I have a basic text table, and on my column shelf is my Measure Names (of which I have 8 measures showing retail and market share for MTD, YTD, FYTD, and MAT [moving annual total] time periods). I am trying to figure out how to make a new dimension field based on a field called "Manufacturer" which would ultimately show "Total Industry" and "Our Company" on the row shelf.

      Total Industry include our retail sales, so I can't just group everything except us.

      I tried hiding all other manufacturers but us, and then using the total line:

      but when I add additional dimensions (such as sales region) to the row shelf, I don't get the level of detail that I need because total is only for the very top most level.


      I could pull all this into an Access database, and then make a giant new table but I really don't want to do that extra step.


      Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!