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    Uncaught TypeError - Cannot read property 'EUR' of undefined

    Rahul Patel

      Hello All,


      I recently upgraded to Server 10.0


      I am creating all the dashboards and then using the share feature, using the Script in a Bootstrap HTML for a custom Dashboard home page (including js Navigation).


      I have the latest version of Chrome installed as well as ie11.


      For random reason, I keep getting the attached error. Now, oddly, if i have multiple scripts to provide several dashboards where the c-suite can scroll down, only one of say 5 different dashboards (Individual Scripts) causes this error.


      One of our team members contacted Support and with an escalated ticket, came to a conclusion that this is a issue with chrome and ie. However, as the other ones are showing up correctly, i think there is more to this error and probably a fix instead of waiting for a patch.


      Any thoughts would be helpful? Also, willing to provide any additional details you would need.



      P.S. The error is random. Will appear sometimes and not the others. User base is the same, most of them use latest version of Chrome or at a minimum, IE8 (which Tableau support mentioned in a post that Tableau 10 will support IE8 and newer only).


      Any help would be highly appreciated.