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    Axis Format

    Gregg Hirshberg

      I have a data set, and unfortunately I am not allowed to share it, but let me try and explain what it is that I'm trying to do.


      The data counts work orders by vendors, and there are 18 vendors and over 50K work orders captured in the data. The vendors have anywhere between 1100 and 6100 work orders. So I want a simple bar chart that goes from 1100 to 6100, and the ability to plot on that bar where each vendor comes in. So for example, Vendor A has the least, so I show them at 1100. Vendor D has 3400, so I can insert a line there to identify that vendor.


      Yet I'm doing something wrong, because the only bar I am able to render goes from 0 to 50k. I don't necessarily want to color code the bar by vendor, and have 18 different colors. Ideally the plan is to just insert a reference line whenever we decide to focus on them. So if I could have a filter or parameter that I could select from, that'd be great.


      But to start, I'd be thrilled if someone could explain to me how to get my bar to show a range of totals, rather than the aggregated totals.


      I was able to create the desired view, but that was after manually creating a new data set that summarized the original data set. (attached)


      Please let me know if you have any questions, as I'm sure I did a crappy job of explaining.