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    Generating a tde from an arbitrary flat file?

    Ryan Farina


      I am looking to see how I can setup a system where we have a server location in our environment where people can place files (csv/excel/etc.) and have them automatically turned into a tde. The goal is to setup a per-department file system by where basic file types can be uploaded directly to the server so that users can place their files in that location and then connect to the data source through the server rather than having to connect to the excel file, then have to publish the data source to the server and worry about what actual data source is being used at any given time.


      If I am not mistaken, the requirement for this would be to first generate a tde from these files types and then publish said tdes to the server. The second part I have seen there are plenty of ways to do it, it is the first part I am having trouble finding any solutions for.


      Any advice, direction, or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!