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    Get a percent of total with CountD as a denominator

    . Berrett.Rice

      I have a list of 21,739 distinct students. Each student has one or more goals in one of several Goal Areas. My task is to chart the Percent Of Distinct Students who have at least one goal in each of the Goal Areas. So what percent of Students has at least one goal in the area of Reading, for example.


      Attached you'll find a workbook. I've calculated the number of students who have at least one goal in each of the areas, but how do I set up a table calculation that will give me the percent of total when Distinct Students is the total? It seems like I would need to use a CountD formula for the denominator for the percent of total, right? How do I do that?


      I've checked the numbers in excel and there are 21,739 total unique students. So, for example, the Reading goal area should show 13,401/21,739 = 61.6%.


      Can anyone help with this? Thank you!