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    How to filter by continious date across data sources? v10 feature

    Egor Larin

      Hello community!


      I'm testing new v10 feature - cross data source filters. And I'm confused a little bit


      Here is my scenario:

      1) I have SuperStore chart based on months sales:

      2) I have CoffeeChain chard based on months sales:

      3) I have dashboard with both charts

      4) Now I want to use Month(Order Date)  as a cross data source filter (drag-drop Month(Order Date) to filters)

      5) After setting it up it still doesn't work for CoffeeChain chart

      6) Now, I need to specify the relationships for both data sources

      7) but still that filer doesn't affect to CoffeChain chart

      8) Under the section Apply for Selected worksheets I can see that:


      What should I do to enable that filter for both charts?

      it seems I need to define the continuous relationship for both dates (Mont-Year), but we don't have that option while adding custom relation.

      I've tried with MY(*field name*) but still doesn't work.

      Also there is no way to create Custom Date in continuous type. Do I need manually create these dates in both data sources? Or am I still able to use it without creating calculated fields for month-year?


      One thing that I found:

      If I rename Date field in CoffeeChain to Order Date - it works without setting the Relationships.

      Can we do filtering without renaming fields? What is the best way to deal with it?

      For example, if I rename State to States in CoffeChain (let's say I have that name in data source by default) and then define the relationship State (SuperStore) ->States (CoffeeChain) - filter by State (SuperStore) works fine and filter both charts.


      Thanks in advance for any explanations.