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    %Change w.r.t date settings?

    Sandeep Kotha

      Hi All,


      I am working on %change in difference and the below is the snapshot of my report.My data refreshes every week.So, every week , I should get the last 5 weeks data using %change with date.

      My question:

      Since this is %change with respect to the previous date value, I pulled last 6 weeks data to get the % change for 5 weeks data.Every week when I refresh the data, I am getting first bar as empty and I do not want to show this bar on the sheet. In the above snapshot,I can hide it manually by right clicking and then Hide option but every week I cannot do it manually.It should hide automatically.I want to hide the bar with "June 30,2016" automatically.


      Is this possible in tableau?

      Could someone help me on this?


      Best Wishes,