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    How to plot Longitude and Latitudes from different data sets on the same map, each in a different color

    Phelis Nakato

      I am new to using Tableau and I have some researching on what I'm trying to do, the solutions I have tried aren't guiding me enough.


      This is what I'm trying to do, I have 3 csv files ( see attached, not real data), Market_asks, Market-bids and Market_matches. The market_asks CSV file contains the locations (Latitude and Longitude) of farmers who wish to sell their produce and their asking price. The Market_bids CSV file contains the location (Latitude and Longitude) of potential buyers and the price they are willing offer for a farmers produce. Lastly the Market_matches CSV contains the [farmer] ask_id and the [buyers] bid_id, and eventually I will have to draw a line connecting the different locations between the successful farmer and buyer.


      With all that said, I'm trying to plot the locations from the Market_asks and Market_bids CSVs in the same map but have them in different colors, say Market_asks locations in Blue and Market bids location in Green.


      I have tried to use joins and merges, however I think Im doing something wrong. How can I go by this? I greatly appreciate any kind of assistance.