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    Formatted excel reports in Tableau

    Malvika S

      Hello Everyone,


      I am doing a POC for migration to Tableau from our current reporting system (OBIEE). Most of the POC is fine but except for one scenario.


      There are some compliance reports which are heavily formatted excel reports. At present, for achieving this we have created macros which are integrated with current application.

      From my understanding, macros cannot be integrated with Tableau. Is anyone aware of any alternatives that I can pursue which can automate the excel report creation? I know that Tableau should not be used for creating formatted excel reports but without this piece, my migration plan will fall flat as we will have to fully get rid of our existing reporting application.



      Malvika S.

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          Andrew Watson

          Tableau is not the best tool for producing excel style financial reports. Better to keep those reports in Excel, I would be surprised if your organisation is retiring that software.


          If you have some specific examples of the reports you would like to replicate I recommend raising a new request in the forum on how to do it.