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    Grand Total forcing Filtered Columns to Reappear

    Matt Fischer

      I'm not sure if this is a bug or a misconfigured setting, but I am filtering out dates older than 6 months in my viz, and then showing the grand totals. When I turn on Grand Totals, it forces all dates to reappear, despite the filter.


      With date filter and grand totals:

      Screenshot 2016-09-06 07.58.46.png


      With date filter and without grand totals:

      Screenshot 2016-09-06 08.10.13.png


      The filter I'm using is a table calc, instead of the usual dateadd stuff, because I need to show the differences in each cell. Is this a bug or is something misconfigured? If it is a bug, are there any possible workarounds? I'm relatively new to Tableau. I'm on Tableau 10.


      Added workbook with extract