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    Cross DB join with Progress OpenEdge

    Rafael Schaffer

      Hello experts,


      The scenario:

      DB Progress OpenEdge 10.2b.

      The server has 3 separate data bases, each one in a single port (12191, 12192, 12193).

      We need to join tables from 3 DBs.


      The problem:

      When we add the 3 DBs to the same data source, the cross-DB join only allows INNER JOIN. It greys out the option for LEFT JOIN.

      If we keep only 2 DBs on the data source, the cross-DB join allows LEFT and INNER JOINs.



      Is this the expected behavior?

      LEFT JOINS are only allowed for up to 2 DBs in cross-DB joins, when using Progress OpenEdge?

      Is there any workaround for this (driver, special beta license, etc)?