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    Highlighting between table and map (in recommendation system)

    Hardi Saputra

      Hi All,


      I am working on my recommendation assignment in Tableau. Here is my screenshot for my dashboard.


      I have 3 things to finish but I couldn't get it. They are:

      1. On the map, the points are for all cases. I want only show the cases as shown in the table which are filtered by Top N. It seems to be simple, but I couldnt get it.

      2. I want the point on map to be highlighted when I hover the mouse over one row in the table, and in reverse, one row in table to be highlighted when hovering the mouse over a point on map. I know exactly how to do it before (using dashboard action), but again I couldnt find where my mistakes.

      3. If possible, for the case of hovering the mouse over one row in the table, instead of highlighting the point, I also want to pop up the tooltip on the map.


      attached for the workbook.


      I will really appreciate your helps.. Thanks in advance..