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    Chart Help

    David Southgate

      I have a lines (discrete) chart showing number of incident management tickets resolved throughout the year as per the below:



      I want to represent the incident tickets that caused a downtime throughout the year preferably by flagging it as a vertical line on the date. I already have a column in my data referencing the date of the downtime.


      Can someone help me figure this out?


      Many thanks

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          Kathryn Bridges

          Hi David,


          If you already have a column with the date of the downtown, drag it to columns next to Month(Resolved). Then make your chart is a dual axis.


          Once you've done that, you can play around with the Marks to see what works best for what you're looking for. I have a feeling it might be a really thin bar chart or some variation of Gantt chart.


          See attached workbook for quick example.


          Good luck!

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