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    Importance vs. Satisfaction plot

    Luca Candela

      Hello everyone, I'm trying to build an "importance vs. satisfaction" chart like




      I have a table containing 3 columns: the ID of the survey taker, the Question with a prefix for IMP (Importance) or SAT (Satisfaction) and another column for the values.


      I already figured out how to calculate the % of positive values (any "4" or "5" answer) but I can't figure out how to plot the Importance % on the vertical axis and the Satisfaction score on the horizontal axis for the pairs of questions (they are the same text after the prefix).


      Anyone knows how to solve this problem?


      p.s.: I attached a workbook with the data and the calculated fields I'm using so far.

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          Mahfooj Khan

          Is that what your wanted?

          I'll tell you what I've done. First I've splited your Pivot Value Name to get the IMP/SAT and the Remaining Strings in two diff columns. Like that

          Now created two calculated fields to get the % of positive for IMP and SAT separately.

          % IMP

          ZN(SUM(IF [Pivot Field Names - Split 1]='IMP' THEN [Calculation_109212345889853441] END)/

          COUNT(IF [Pivot Field Names - Split 1]='IMP' THEN [Pivot Field Values] END))



          ZN(SUM(IF [Pivot Field Names - Split 1]='SAT' THEN [Calculation_109212345889853441] END)/

          COUNT(IF [Pivot Field Names - Split 1]='SAT' THEN [Pivot Field Values] END))


          Now just drag %IMP in columns and %SAT in rows shelf and [Pivot Field Names - Split 2] in details. And using Analytics tab I've reference banding. Top rights are over-served and left bottoms are under-served and centre of the plots are served-right. That's it.


          Workbook has been attached for your reference. Let me know If you've any query.