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    Connecting to Tableau Server Repository

    Larsen Rennie

      Hi All


      I have a requirement for building following view


      1) Views that should display which Published Data source is connected with which workbook

      2) Views that shows the performance recording of all the workbooks published on Dev Sever and Production server. The performance recording workbook should include all the metrics (time taken in connecting to data source,computing layout etc ...)


      For the above views to be developed in tableau do i need to connect to Tableau repository or i can do that without using it also. If server repository has to be used then which tables or view in the repository will give me the desired results. If anybody having sample workbook or snapshot please share so that i can have a look at it






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          Matt Coles

          #1 is possible. You will need to self-join datasources to datasources, on db_class = 'sqlproxy' and db_name as the repository URL for the published datasource. Workbooks will then join to the first datasources on owner_id and owner_type = workbook, if memory serves.


          #2 is not possible, as the performance recordings aren't stored in the repository database. However, I think it it could be possible, somehow, to script out http calls to each view you want to render, append the performance_recording url to each call, and harvest the perf recording from each, as its own twbx. Beyond that you'll probably need to look in the Server logs for raw query strings and duration information.

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            Larsen Rennie

            Hi Matt


            Thanks for your valuable feedback.It helped me quite a lot and performance recording i am doing it separately. But for the first scenario can you share the screenshot of the table connection details which we normally do by drag and drop tables in the data window pane






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              Matt Coles

              It's easier to show in SQL actually, since you can't show all the join criteria without multiple screenshots. This shows all workbook datasource, and then p_ds contains the information on datasources the workbook connects to that are published.



              SELECT *

              FROM workbooks w

                  INNER JOIN datasources d  -- all datasources a workbook connects to, published and embedded

                      ON w.id = d.parent_workbook_id

                  LEFT JOIN data_connections p_dc  -- used to obtain information on what datasources (in a workbook) are connecting to what published datasources

                      ON d.id = p_dc.datasource_id

                          AND p_dc.dbclass = 'sqlproxy'

                  LEFT JOIN datasources p_ds  -- just the published "conectable" datasources the workbook connects to

                      ON p_dc.dbname = p_ds.repository_url

                          AND p_ds.connectable = true

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                Larsen Rennie

                Thanks a lot Matt..:)