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    Create A Calculated field

    Michelle Smith

      I have two rows of data that have the same unique identifier. Each row represents an action for a specific transaction. A simplified example could be as follows, with ID and Action as the dimensions.


      Row1 = ID 123456789, Action SALE

      Row2 = ID 123456789, Action SAVE


      I need a count for every time both actions occur where the ID is the same. I need to be able to sum this count and subtract it from another calculated field & then use that result in another calculated field.


      Example: Sum of Action "SALE" = 100, Count of ID that has both "SALE" and "SAVE" actions = 20  I want my result to be 80, which I then need to be able to divide into a total to calculate a conversion rate. So, if there where 100 sales, but 20 also contained a save I have 80 sales, into 100 calls = 80% conversion rate.


      Anyone know of a way to do this? I am new to Tableau wit limited experience.