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    Populating Cells with Measure Values

    Luis Esturban



      I need a view like this


      Populating Empty Cells with Zeroes or Existing Data | Tableau Software


      But, I need use N measures to compare or show the different between the measures selected.  I attach the image with example and write the explanation.


      In the example I use 3 measures

      a. Num Trx Int = 3,516

      b. Num Trx Nac = 105,686

      c. Num Trx Total = 574,319


      I ned show

                               Num Trx Int      Num Trx Nac   Num Trx Total

      Num Trx Int         0 (a-a)           102,170 (b-a)   570,803 (c-a)

      Num Trx Nac   -102,170(a-b)        0 (b-b)          468,633(c-b)

      Num Trx Total  -570,803(a-c)    -468,633(b-c)        0 (c-c)


      It's possible this in Tableau Desktop?


      Thanks for your help



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          Shinichiro Murakami

          I don't know how many data do you have.

          I mean if you have more than 10 data as Columns/Rows this is not feasible..

          If it's 3~5, you can use this approach.


          [Value a]

          {sum(if [Title]="a. Num Trx Int" then [Value] end)}


          [Value b]

          {sum(if [Title]="b. Num Trx Nac" then [Value] end)}


          [Value c]

          {sum(if [Title]="c. Num Trx Total" then [Value] end)}


          [a. Num Trx Int]

          sum([Value])-attr([Value a])


          [b. Num Trx Nac]

          sum([Value])-attr([Value b])


          [c. Num Trx Total]

          sum([Value])-attr([Value c])




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            Luis Esturban

            Hi Shinichiro,


            Thanks for your answer.  In my example only used 3 variables, but I need create a matrix with a Pearson correlation between 20 variables (more or less).  All variables are measures and not necessarily needs a dimension.


            The prefix LN in all variables means =  natural logarithm = ln(x)

            Pearson Correlation.png

            Thanks for your help