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    Tabjolt issue in passing parameters in VizURL

    Semanti Mandal



      I am very new to TabJolt. So I am trying to do some load testing using TabJolt and to understand it's functionality.

      I am trying to perform some testing by using some query parameters in VizURL in the vizpool.csv. But when I looked into the TabJolt performance workbook those tests are failing that have some parameters inside it.


      I am using  /site/Marketing/views/SalesDashboard/Sales?:embed= yes&Time=Yesterday.  While I searched the forum I came across this post tabjolt passing parameters to views . Since the post is almost a year old , I am wondering if there is any new way that parameters can be passed into the VIzURL or any possible workaround?


      Any leads would be much appreciated !



      Semanti !