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    Showing aggregated Count in View

    Frank-Michael Idrees

      Hi Guys,


      I facing currently an issue in summing up a count in a specific view:


      I did a small examaple that demonstrates the problem:


      I have a table with different bids that are related to a specific offer as shown below. An offer can have multiple Bid IDs while a bid ID has a related Dealer and a Dealer a related Manager. I want to see in the view area how many uniuqe price bids where done for each Dealer Manager. For example for Dealer Manager X the related Dealer made in total 4 uniquie bids. If I just use the the count function for dealer manager the result is giving 5 (which I understand totally but is not what I want to have. If I do some changes in the view I am able to get the results (by breaking it down: Offer ID/Dealer Manager and adding subtotals) but I need the aggregated view as below.


      Thank you very much in advance




      Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 8.37.23 PM.png