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    How to change date records to the first month of the following year

    Max Mar

      Hi All,


      I have 6 records with wrong date field. I need to push those 6  records dates to the first month of the following year.


      See table bellow and workbook attached:


      Allocation YearChf Project CodeMonth of Date Submitted

      Date needed

      2016IRQ-16/3884/ST/WASH/INGO/2662March 2016March 2016
      2016SSD-16/HSS10/SA1/N/NGO/675January 2016January 2016
      2016TUR-15/3559/RB2/CCM/O/2261November 2015January 2016
      2016TUR-15/3559/RB2/CCM/UN/2077October 2015January 2016
      2016TUR-15/3559/RB2/FS/INGO/2089October 2015January 2016
      2016TUR-15/3559/RB2/H/UN/2082October 2015January 2016
      2016TUR-15/3559/RB2/NFI/INGO/2088October 2015January 2016
      2016TUR-15/3559/RB2/WASH/INGO/2081October 2015January 2016