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    Overriding DATE to match academic with fiscal year

    Sherzodbek Ibragimov


      I have an issue where I can't override date. The reason why I am trying to override is the fact I am trying to match academic year with fiscal year date. Fiscal year starts from July 1st - June 30. Especially, summer is a problematic because summer students enroll beyond July 1st that will be counted as Fall students of following Academic year. Therefore, I have a number of students are off between FY and AY. Here is MAX date I have for each academic year (SUMMER only) as they go beyond July 1st:

      Table Name: Union of several academic year database



      Thus, I created a calculated field as below to match summer with current academic year which otherwise will be counted as Fall students of next academic year:

      Now, I used MAX to check if I have achieved my result or not:

      First of all, it is very strange why I am not getting max date of 6/30/xxxx (again SUMMER only) after i have applied calculated field. Any idea why? Thank you