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    Dashboard image is cut off - does not appear properly

    Lydia Pitkin



      When viewers first look at this page, Community Energy Dashboard , the dashboard visualization is cut off- only the top part is visible. If users toggle from side to side using the orange arrows the visualization then appears at full size. The Tableau workbook is a small file. I can't figure out why it won't load properly. This problem doesn't exist for any of the other Tableau visualizations on the website.


      Any assistance would be very much appreciated.


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          Rahul Upadhye

          Hey Scott,


          It seems a weird behavior. In ur embedded view, orange arrows < is coming from Javascript api where as the <Back button is coming from the dashboard... right?


          I can think of two scenarios which may cause this issue:


          A) <Back button may be linked to some dashboard action which shows a small view on the other map.


          B) Javascript api is not well optimized to capture entire dashboard's frame.


          File that you attached isnt the same as published to server.

          it would be easy to do a postmortem on the original file which is sitting on the server.


          Quick fix is to remove <Back buttons from dashboard & let the users navigate using <

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