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    Can a workbook be embedded in a post?

    Marshall Mills

      Hi All,


      Maybe my Google-Fu is weak.  But, I just can't find any official document/post saying how a Tableau Workbook can be embedded within a post here in the Tableau Community.


      I bring this up because in a recent question here at community.tableau.com, I inserted a Viz link to a workbook hosted on public.tableau.com.  But, when posted, the link got converted to an image.  Which, yes, takes the reader to the workbook on the public.tableau.com site.  But, that wasn't what I wanted.


      Oh You Silly Man


      OK, typing out my question is a good way to realize I'm not thinking this through.  Of course you should be able to insert a link to a Vis.  And that's what I wound up doing.


      But, that's not what I wanted to do.  So, can a workbook be embedded within a post?


      Well, let's try it out here


      From what I can see, there are a few possible ways of doing this:


      Past your viz link


      Just to be sure, I'll use the workbook given as an example in the advanced editor.


      Insert Vis Link.bmpPast your vis link form.bmp


      Tada!  Well, I say tada, but until I hit that Post button; I really don't know for sure.  At least while editing this post, it looks like it got inserted.


      Oh sure, I could come back and edit this post.  But, where's the drama in that?  The suspense?




      Insert Raw HTML


      My bet is the above workbook got posted as a link, just like mine did.  But, my question was about embedding a workbook within a post.


      Let's try that "Insert Raw HTML" option on the full editor toolbar.  Let me grad the "Embed Code" from the workbook first; it's located on the share link on the bottom left-hand corner of the workbook.





      Toggle HTML mode


      Er, what?  In edit mode it looks like that "Insert Raw HTML" is for displaying raw code.


      One last option.  I'll just insert the embed code directly.  Which should display next.






      What?  I don't have any answers here.  That's what I'm asking you for.