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    SQL or schema for the PostgreSQL database to get subscription data

    Lee Forst

      I'm working on a series of views of our Tableau server to help monitor it and of course I'm using the PostgreSQL database to do so.  I have a basic relationship to get me insight into the subscriptions that have been created, however, I've ran into a snag.  Below is the current PostgreSQL objects I'm using.



      What I would like to be able to have is the ability to see by user the workbooks and sheets they've subscribed to.  What complicates things is people can of course create custom views and subscribe to them too.  Using the objects above, I'm able to get the user name and what they've subscribed to, but what they've subscribed to is nothing more than the workbook_URL or the view_URL.  What I'd really like is the "friendly names" of those things and also what project the workbook lives in.


      Does anyone have some customer SQL or know the proper relationships to get what I need?


      By the way, I've borrowed\stolen from this wonderful article on this very topic.  It is amazing what you can get from Tableau's PostgreSQL database!

      Custom Tableau Server Admin Views