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    Filter for one expression in calculated field

    Vivian Perceval

      I have one data source which is a list of people, each with their own numerical ID (member ID). I have linked it to another data source which is a list of requests made by some of these people, each request also have a memberID but also a jobID and a date of request (brief date).


      I have divided a distinct count of memberID's in the second data source (i.e. number of members using the service) by the total number of memberID's in the first (i.e. total number of members), which gives me an idea of what proportion of members are actually making requests. This all works fine.


      However, I have tried to filter the brief date so that only requests in the past year are considered, so I can see what percentage of members are using the service in the past year for example, but when I add such a filter, all the percentages go to 100%.


      I'm not sure what's happening but I assume it's an issue with there being no brief date associated with the first data source.


      Any ideas?