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    Filtering a Map using two Datasources

    Tyler Pickering

      Hello all,


      I have a datasource with two tables--the first is my main transactional data and the second is the same data setup for the "path map" which includes two lines for each with the lat/long and path order


      In tableau, all of my dashboards / sheets are based on the main data source except for the map itself which is based on the path table. I am able to create the map itself great, however, when I tie it to my overall dashboard, I am unable to filter properly. I want to filter on the carrier field--I can setup this filter on the dashboard and it will apply to every sheet except the network map. Since the network map uses a second datasource, it will not let me filter using the same "Carrier" filter even if I use it as a secondary data source. The only way I can currently do it is if I have two carrier filters, one the applies specifically to the map


      • I have tried using the map as the secondary data source, but found out the map needs to be the primary data source
      • I joined the data instead of using two datasources, however this did not work as records were duplicated since there are two records for each (based on the path)
      • I tried setting up an action filter, but could not get this to work either


      Any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated





      path map.PNG

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          Simon Runc

          hi Tyler,


          So if you have 'Carrier' in both datasources, you should be able to filter between data-sources from the action filters. So you already have one action, which filters all the charts/vizes on the same data-source. Now set up a second action...and choose the selected field option. In here you should be able to set up something similar to the below (notice how I'm sending the action from 'Route and Transit Photos UNION' datasource to 'DestinationShots' datasource. In my case the field is called the same in both, so Tableau just picks up the relationship, but if they are not you can use the Edit Relationships to tell Tableau which fields are the same

          Nice looking dashboard, btw!


          Hope that does the trick...also, as of Tableau 10, we can also send regular filters across data-sources

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            Tyler Pickering

            Awesome, thanks for the reply! I didn't realize that it was possible in Tableau 10--got it updated and all of my worries went away! Thanks again!

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              Simon Runc

              Excellent...yes T10 makes a lot of problems go away!!


              The cross data-source filtering , via an Action Filter, has been in since I first used Tableau (so at least from T8), but the cross data-source filters on quick/regular filters is new in T10.