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    How can I prevent Custom Saved Views from breaking?

    David Lanza

      I have been searching for answers as to why our users Saved Views are lost, corrupted or broken.  This week we posted a very minor change to a data source and workbook.  Prior to posting I reached out to some users and asked them to report back regarding their Saved Views.  As expected they all had issues.  The only changes to the data source were to add a couple new metrics.  The changes to the Workbook were adding a couple new tabs and adding a new metric to one of the existing tabs.  That is it! I had one user report on 4 of his saved views and 1 of the was still working and the other 4 had lost it's filter.  None of the tabs that the broken Saved Views pointed to were changed so why did they break?


      We are on Server 9.3.3 with desktop version 9.3.6


      I have a feeling our publishing methods can be altered such that views are not lost.  Here is our current policy for publishing changes.


      Existing Workbooks and data sources are saved to a Project named "... - Staging".

      Once approved those workbooks are copied to a Project named "... - Production".


      These are existing workbooks and data sources that are being edited and then published.

      1. I edit the Staging data source and publish back to staging.
      2. I edit the Staging Workbook and point it to the Staging version of the data source so that users can test and approve the changes.
      3. The Server team edits the data source and then publishes it to Prod overwriting the exiting version using the same name.
      4. I then edit the Staging workbook and point it to the data source that was published in step 3 and publish the workbook to Staging.
      5. The Server team edits the workbook in Staging and publishes it to the Production Project.


      This is the company policy that we adhere to for publishing.  Is this policy contributing to the corruption of the Custom Save Views?

      How can we avoid loosing Custom Saved Views?

      Do we have to edit the Published version in the Production Project and then overwrite the Production version rather than going from Staging to Prod as described above?


      Any help would be appreciated.  This is impacting 100's of users from Team Leads to VP's and is a significant source of frustration and loss of productivity.  In fact for some users I get a sense that it is so bad they would like to throw their computer out the 100 story building window or perhaps take a sledgehammer to it.  Thanks.