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    4 (tricky) Formatting Problems

    Manuel Gruber

      Hi Guys,


      I already searched for an answer for my 3 tricky formatting problems.

      Probably they are easy to solve but I couldn´t come up with a solution.


      I made an easy example (see attached WB and pictures), which shows the problems I am facing.


      Problem one:


      "Department" is the first in my columns.

      What I did now is, I hid the header of the Date and made a color legend instead.

      The only thing I want is that the department is displayed at the bottom of the graph, but it only does that when I change the order in the columns section (which doesnt make sense in this case)

      Any suggestions?


      Problem two:

      I want to move the bars within a "Department" section closer together, so a little GAP between the departments should occur. Basically I want to get rid of the borders, but as it is right now its kind of confusing.


      Problem three:


      This picture contains two different tables. In this case I could have put the measures into one table, but in my case of application I had to divide them into two seperate tables.

      When using two tables on a dashboard side by side this little gap occurs. How can I get rid of it?



      Problem four:


      Lets say I have a table like this (see dashboard 2). Both Sheets contain the same Dimensions.

      If I use "Entire View" and then put it it the dashboard why doesn´t tableau adjust the sheet on the dashboard so everything is displayed adjusted.


      I hope this is not to confusing. In sheet 4 I get rid of the "abc" column by just extending the second column to the outmost border


      Thanks a lot in advance!


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          Swati Mandal

          Hi Manuel,


          Please find answers to your problems.


          Problem 3:  Please find the attachment. I have joined both the tables. Just make it floating in the dashborad and join it. To make it floating you have to go to drill down and do it.


          Problem 2: I have reduced the gap and left a tiny gap between the different department. T have used size marks to do that



          Problem 4: Do standard and then manually drag the report to fit your choice. That will be more apt.


          To remove Abc perform the following steps.


          1. Go to Category and uncheck Show Header

          2. Take Category and drop on Text/Label mark

          3. Move Measure Name (last field under dimension)  and drop it on top of the column where the header should be there

          4. Type category using the keyboard

          You will be left with two columns


          Problem 1: I have not tried to do this. I will get back if I get to do any trick on that to change it,

          However, find the link below which helps to change a header from top to bottom.





          Swati Mandal

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            Manuel Gruber

            Hey thanks for your answer!


            It helped me with problem 2 & 3 but it didn´t fix 1 & 2.



            The link you´ve sent does it excactly the other way around from how I want it to work.

            About problem two: The solution should look more like this


            So the countries are grouped and in between different countries there is a bigger gap.


            Thanks so far!


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              Manuel Gruber

              This Link helped me with Problem two

              Creating a Grouped Bar Chart | Tableau Software


              Any suggestions for moving the header from Up to down?

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