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    Parameter lists Replicated across Workbooks

    jesse bork

      I maintain a set of Data Sources in a specific workbook.  I have no views in the workbook, rather it is intended to allow me to control the various default properties and calculations related to the Data Source.  I publish the Data Sources to our Tableau server for consumption.  Desktop uses will then connect to the Tableau server to connect to the Data Sources when creating Dashboards and Views.


      This has worked very well as I can quickly change default properties and/or calculations and know that they will be distributed down to all workbooks using the Data Source automatically.


      However, I have not been so lucky with Parameters.  Many of the calculations across several Data Sources utilize the same Parameter List.  I have no problem with the Parameter being pushed to the connected workbooks during the 1st creation.  However, when I update the list with new values, the new values are not pushed/synced with the workbooks connected to the Data Source.


      We have to open each Workbook and add the same list of entries. 


      Am I missing an option that will force the synchronization of the Parameter lists?

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          Alexander Mou

          Sync the parameters across all the workbooks? that would be nice.

          I don't think you can do it now. Go submit a feature request in the idea

          section of the forum.


          In the meantime, you can copy a master parameter in a dummy workbook and

          paste it into every workbook of interest.

          You don't need to re-create the same parameter again and again.




          On Wed, Aug 31, 2016 at 3:05 PM, jesse bork <tableaucommunity@tableau.com>

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            jesse bork

            I have tried copying/pasting the parameter from the master Data Source workbook to the corresponding 'consuming' workbooks, but I have had challenges with that well.  At times, it seems that the workbooks/data source gets confused at the underlying 'id' of the parameter and I end up with a duplicate set of parameters.


            Worse yet, I have seen where the parameter name within the calculations, while correctly pointing to the original parameter name in the master, will change and reference the duplicated set in the consuming workbooks.  It wasn't as simple as just deleting all the parameters in the consuming workbook and re-pasting as the calculations seem to continue to try and look for the replicated parameter.  Untying that mess was enough ...


            I have learned to just grin and bare the replication.

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              Alexander Mou

              How about this:

              Open the twb file of the consuming workbook. Find the parameter section and

              replace the old values by the new values.


              Do this for each consuming workbook.


              This way, we won't have duplicates.


              On Wednesday, August 31, 2016, jesse bork <tableaucommunity@tableau.com>

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                jesse bork

                Yes, in the instance I am referring to, I tried all such actions to get the calculation from the master to reflect;/point to the same parameter in the consuming worksheet.  Since the calculations are controlled by the master workbook, you would have expected that it would reflect the same parameter name in the consuming workbook.


                But under the covers, it is pointing to an ID which along with the association to the calculation must have gotten corrupted somehow.  So, no matter what I did in the consuming workbook (deleted, copied/pasted, Replace reference, etc,, even Replaced data source to point back to the original), when I refreshed and opened the calculation in the consuming workbook, the parameter name in the master (like 'Association') was referring to 'Association 1 1' or some goofy number like that, and a new parameter of the same name was automatically copied to consuming workbook, 


                I thought it might be doing this because I already had a parameter named  'Association' in the consuming workbook, which is ordinarily not a problem, so I tried deleting the Association parameter all together in the consuming workbook hoping that a new parameter named 'Association' would get copied from the master data source/calculation automatically when the data source was refreshed ... but no, I get 'Association 1 1' again.


                Regardless, I did figure out at some point how to correct the issue.  This was some time ago, but I think i had to delete the parameter in the master and the consuming workbook, republish without it at all (leaving he calculation broken) and then recreate the parameter in the master, edit the calculation to properly reflect it, and then copy/paste the parameter to the consuming workbook. 


                However, we digress ... my real hope was that there was something i was missing with respect to keeping the contents within the parameter in sync between the master and consuming workbooks, without having to open up each one and perform some action.  So far, it seems there is not.