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    Issue with Tabadmin Cmd - Tableau Server v10.0

    AJ AJ

      I have upgraded Tableau server from v9.3 to V10.0 and after the install i am not able to run tabadmin cmd form the command utility (cmd).


      The server is running find and all the content has been successfully migrated. just to be sure wanted to do a cleanup or checking the status with the command but unfortunately couldnt do it.


      Below is the error message : I have installed my Tableau server on E: which is a not default folder.

      'tabadmin' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

      operable program or batch file.


      what i am doing:


      from the cmd line

      cd E:\Tableau Server\10.0\bin

      tabadmin status -v


      the Above error is shown.