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    How to organize points on concentric circles?

    Dan Armstrong



      I have a bunch of data points falling into three big groups, with each group divided into several smaller groups.


      I want each of the three groups be represented as a concentric circle, with each of the subgroups in the circles separated out (using a different color and with space setting it off). You can see what I'm trying to do in the screenshot below.

      I am almost there. But not quite. Two problems I can't seem to resolve.

      First, in each circle, most of the subgroups are distinct -- colored differently and set off with spaces -- but there is always one that is mixed up. In the inner and middle circles, it's on the right; in the outer circle, it's on the lower left. In those segments, somehow my subgroup points are being computed adjacent to each other.


      Second, I can't seem to get spaces between all of my subgroups.


      To compute the circles, I am getting my X coordinate from cos(2pi k / n) and y from sin(2pi k / n), where k is the sequence of points in the circle (0, 1, 2, 3....n) and n is the total number of points (43, 77 and 86). I've fooled around with K and N to try to get separation between the groups, but without much success.


      This feels like a very simple problem compared to the mapping stuff I've seen. It's just a circle. But I am flummoxed. Any idea on what I'm doing wrong? Workbook attached, as well as the underlying spreadsheet.


      Thanks for any advice.