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    Calculating Flexible Returns ?

    Christian Schwehm



      I'm trying to display some financial indices in one chart and I would like to be able to select the timeframe.


      Input Data: I just pasted an Excel table of 5 Indices with a date column.


      If I display these, I can only create multiple charts  as in the sample workbook. If I limit the Date Dimension with the filter all charts start at the defined dates, but at different values.


      Now I would like to generate one chart with 5 different lines and all of theese should start at 100. In fact one would Need to devide the values by the Initial value at the start date (depending on the filter) and multiply it by 100.


      Does anybody have an idea?


      thanks for your help :-)



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          Mia Lee

          Hi, Christian.


          you may

          1. Set Measure names as a filter and select your measures


          2. put measure names as color and measure values in rows for the line chart

          3. right click on the value to set the fixed range



          I am attaching the workbook, but you'd need tableau10 to open it.


          hope this helps.



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            Christian Schwehm

            Hi Mia,


            thanks for the solution and the workbook. It's a nice way to display all in one chart, but it does not work if you choose another start date. If one would filter dates, then all indices start at a different level, but I would like all of them to start at the same number - e.g. at 100. I thought that one would need to divide the values by the initial value of all series and that this initial value needs to be found by using the lookup function and setting the date to the first valid date in the filtered range - but I did not succeed implementing it...


            Thanks for your help :-)