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    How to create dashboard for Actuals (from datasource) vs Planned (from manual excel)

    Duy Bach Nguyen



      I am trying to create a dashboard where I can have columns for actual data from a datasource, planned data from my excel file, and then compare 2 numbers for the difference.


      The data source that I have have the fields as Year, Quarter, Hierarchy 1, Hierarchy 2, and Region name. It has the measures values as calculated fields, namely Revenue, GM and CM


      My Excel data for the planned numbers I created with all the fields as the same as datasource, with separate columns for revenue, GM and CM.


      However, when I blend the 2 sources together, I cannot create separate columns for actual and planned numbers. It is also treating TOTAL REVENUE in the datasource and the revenue in my Excel data as below which I dont know how to present them in the same line for 2 columns actual and planned? How can I create the format as I desire in the file I attached here?

      Thanks a lot.