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    Action Filters on Dual Axis Sheet

    ganesh c



      I have requirement which is having Dual axis sheet, which contains Stacked Bar along with the line chart in Dual axis mode.

      There is an action filter on to this chart.

      Bar chart shows the data across category, months and line chart is the unique count of customers across months but not category.

      Here, i wanted apply the actions on that, which should gives the detail report based on selection of either stacked bar chart or line chart. and Action is working fine on stacked bar chart, not on line chart. Clicking on the bar chart gives me the data but clicking on the line chart gives me blank

      Please help on me this.

      1. Actions should work on both charts (Bar and line)
      2. Or is there any way we can make actions work only on the bar chart but not the line chart. Can we disable actions only from the line chart ????

      Here I have attached sample workbook, please take it as reference.

      Appreciate your inputs at the earliest.


      Thanks a lot ,