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    Calculating grand total of a column with calculated members

    Christopher Lam



      I am trying to get Tableau to calculate the grand total of a column where the data source is from a cube. My values look like this:



      Item 1          1000

      Item 2          2000

      Item 3          3000

      Grand total  5000


      The grand total should equal 6000, but Tableau shows the value as 5000 instead. The reason is that Item 1 is a Calculated Member that I had generated using an MDX expression, while Item 2 and 3 are normal dimensions. I know that I can get the right value by doing a table calculation and changing the Grand total calculation type from Automatic to Sum, but I want to know why the Automatic calculation does not work. I perform other calculations using Calculated Members such as % change that cannot be calculated properly unless the calculation is Automatic, which is why I need to understand what is going on when the calculations are Automatic.