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    Exporting data of each individual sheet to csv files

    Mandar Deshpande

      Hello Guys,


      I am trying to export data of each sheet to csv file using tabcmd and export command. But I am facing one issue, whenever I export , I get data of first sheet.


      For example lets say I have 3 sheets

      1) A



      I want to export data of sheet c
      my command is

      tabcmd export "URL of sheet 'C' " --csv -f "output file.csv" -u "username" -p "password"


      But this command is exporting data of sheet 'A'.


      Is there any other alternative to achieve the above scenario.



      Thanks and Regards,


      Mandar Deshpande.

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          Jennifer Lynch



          See if this link helps you. I think you might just be miss-typing the syntax a little.


          Specifying the view, workbook, or data to export: You specify this using the "workbook/view" string as it appears in the URL for the workbook or view, not using its “friendly name,” and excluding the :iid=<n> session ID at the end of the URL. For example, to export the Tableau sample view Investment Growth from the Finance workbook, you would use the string Finance/InvestmentGrowth, not Finance/Investment Growth, or Finance/InvestmentGrowth?:iid=1. Use -t <site_id> if the server is running multiple sites and the view or workbook is on a site other than Default.

          To export a workbook, you still include a valid view in the string you use. Using the above example, to export the Financeworkbook, you would use the string Finance/InvestmentGrowth. Finally, to export a workbook, it must have been published with Show Sheets as Tabs selected in the Tableau Desktop Publish dialog box.

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            John McCormack

            Hi Mandar, Did you manage to resolve this issue? I am having the same issue if you could let me know how you got around it it would be great. Thanks a lot